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Rally Greece Offroad‎7th RALLY GREECE OFFROAD
Μέρος: Kastoria 521 00, Greece
Πάρε Οδηγίες

Η 7η έκδοση του διεθνούς Cross Country Rally θα διεξαχθεί στο βορειοδυτικό τμήμα της Ελλάδας με κούρσα στην πόλη της Καστοριάς.
4 ημέρες, 800χλμ εκδήλωση με περισσότερα από 500χλμ Ειδικών.
Ασφάλεια, παραδοσιακή ελληνική φιλοξενία, γνήσιο πνεύμα μηχανοκίνητου αθλητισμού είναι το σήμα κατατεθέν της εκδήλωσης.

It is our honor and pleasure to welcome you in RALLY GREECE OFFROAD, 6-9 JUNE 2019, a significant International Cross Country Rally event which attracts Competitors from several countries.
Organization Committee works continuously upon this event and we are proud to introduce to you its 7th edition and relevant information.

 This event is governed by FIA and Greek ASN regulations and rules. Sport part of the event consists of four (4) days of competition. Special stages on gravel will be run in Northwest part of Greece and specifically in territories of West Macedonia. Center of the race is the city of KASTORIA.

 All Teams and competitors must be present in the Administrative and Scrutineering process during Thursday 6th 2019. Race ends at 19:00 on Sunday 9th 2019.

The specific program can be found in the Supplementary Regulation of the event, uploaded in the official website, www.rallygreeceoffroad.gr

 Total Rally length is approximately 900km and Special Stages length is almost 530km.

 H.Q. of the event will be in city of KASTORIA from 6-9 June 2019, very close to Service Park situated in the Municipality parking lot which offers plenty of space and facilities. The city center is in walk distance.

 Rally Guide consists of information delivered to help competitors, media and rally fans to prepare their participation in RALLY GREECE OFFROAD 2019 and their visit in Greece for this spectacular event. Updated information will be published on race official website www.rallygreeceoffroad.gr and on Facebook official Page and Group. In case you need further information, do not hesitate to contact our Rally or Media Office.

 We wish you all a safe and enjoyable RALLY GREECE OFFROAD 2019.




Nov.1st 2018                   Low Rate Entry Fee Period Open

Mar.31st 2019                 Low Rate Entry Fee Period Close

Apr. 1st 2019                  Regular Rate Entry Fee Period Open

May 31st 2019                Regular Rate Entry Fee Period Close

June 6th 2019               Rally Office Opening, Media Office Opening (Service Park – Parking Lot - KASTORIA)

June 6th 2019               Administrative Checks and Scrutineering,

                                       Competitors Briefing,

                                       Roadbook Distribution for LEG 1, 2, 3,

                                       Ceremony Rally Start,

                                       Welcome Party.

June 7th 2019               LEG 1

June 8th 2019               LEG 2

June 9th 2019               LEG 3

                                       Ceremonial Finish,

                                       Prize Award Ceremony

Keep updated for exact race timetable by visiting the official website: www.rallygreeceoffroad.gr



7th RALLY GREECE OFFROAD will be run in West Macedonia from JUNE 6th to 9th 2019. Event is governed by FIA regulations and Greek Motorsport Federation (OMAE).
This rally has a Baja type formation with total length approximately 900 km from which almost 530 km are Special Stages closed to other traffic.

Vehicles accepted are:

FIA:       T1, T2, T3P, T3S

OMAE: SSV, TZ1 (TH relevant)



Special Stages will run closed to other traffic.

 Classification of competitors T1, T2, T3P, T3S, TZ1, will be formed according to the fastest time achieved in Special Stages and in respect with penalties as described in event’s Supplementary Regulation.

 A separate category classification will be formed for SSV.

 All competitors are entitled to continue the race even if they abandon a Special Stage or a LEG by applying petition for “Super Rally”.

 Safety equipment required for vehicles and competitors for T1, T2, T3P, T3S, is stated in FIA regulations. For SSV and TZ1 (TH relevant), safety equipment required is stated in Greek Motorsport Federation regulations and/or in event’s Supplementary Regulation.

 It is strongly advised to all competitors to send by email to Organizers the Technical Passport of their competition vehicle in order examine if it meets Race standards.

 Visit official website for explicit Technical Regulations, updates and announcements.



 Apart all regular documents required, competitors must submit a “Starting Permission Letter” by the Federation that has issued their Racing License.

SERVICE PARK                                                                         


Service Park will be situated in the Parking Lot next to the lake of Kastoria.

Service Park will be open from 10:00 of JUNE 6th 2019 and will be closed at 19:00 of JUNE 9th 2019. In all these dates and during the night hours (22:00 – 07:00), Organizers will provide Security services for the Service Park area.

REMOTE SERVICE PARK: If necessary will be announced with Bulletin.



Service and auxiliary vehicles must enter in the area of Service Park no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the entry time of the 1st competition vehicle.



During the event, service vehicles must always bear “SERVICE” plates. Vehicles without these plates will not be allowed to enter the Service Park area. Inside Service Park, service staff charged by Competitors must always wear, in a very visible way, their identification card supplied by Organizers at the delivery materials.


Organizer will determine a “Service Area” to each competing team within Service Park. Team managers must inform Organizers for square meters needed for their team the latest MAY 24th 2019 by sending email at: info@rallygreeceoffroad.gr.



The following services will be available during operation hours of Service Park.

General lighting
Electricity plugs 220V
General Security
Public WC
Garbage Containers
Television displaying Competitors GPS Tracking (in H.Q.)
Television displaying Live Results (in H.Q.)
Rest Area (in H.Q.)

Kastoria commercial center is very close to Service Park and can be approached on foot.

IMPORT OF VEHICLES and Spare Parts   



Greece is state member of European Union. Competitors/citizens from European Union do not need to have any special custom clearance for temporary import of cars, equipment and spare parts for the purpose of participating in RALLY GREECE OFFROAD. All vehicles must have Insurance Green Card.



Non-EU competitors/citizens will need to show their ATA carnet (obtainable from the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin) to customs authorities at the point of entry into European Union. All vehicles must have Insurance Green Card.

If you have any questions regarding importing rally cars, equipment and spare parts from outside European Union please contact Organizers or Custom authorities in Greece:

Lavrio Port Custom Authority.             tel: +30 22923 21200, fax: +30 22920 26153

Igoumenitsa Port Custom Authority. tel: +30 26650 22290, fax: +30 26650 27755

Custom Authority Turkish Borders.    tel: +30 25550 88868, fax: N/A


​Greece is member of E.U. Schengen zone.

 E.U. competitors/citizens may enter in Greece with a valid Identification Card or valid Passport without Visa.

Non-E.U. competitors/citizens may enter in Greece only with valid Passport and appropriate issued Visa by Greek Embassy in the country of origin. Many non-E.U. countries have bilateral agreement with Greece for VISA not to be obligatory.

Organizers are at your disposal for any further information.

MEDICAL and SAFETY SERVICES                   


Organizers Emergency Telephones:

Alekos Apostolidis             GR-ENG                    +30 697 2425999             Clerk of the Course

Kostas Theologis               GR-ENG-IT                +30 693 7688947             Race Coordinator

Ricky Rickler                       IT-ENG                      +39 338 1502307             Competitors Relation

Aleka Manti                        GR-ENG                    +30 697 7639119               Safety

Marios Chiotopoulos        GR-ENG-IT                 +30 693 8141088              Safety

Kostas Oikonomides        GR-ENG                     +30 694 8272803             Safety


Greek Emergency Services:

GREEK POLICE:                                                    100 or 112

POLICE KASTORIA:                                              +30 24670 21523

HEALTH EMERGENCY:                                        166

HOSPITAL KASTORIA:                                         +30 24673 50855

FIRE DEPARTMENT:                                             199

FIRE DEPARTMENT KASTORIA:                         +30 24670 82462


Competitors are strongly advised not to deviate from race route as indicated in the Roadbook distributed by Organizers.
It also strongly recommended competitors to check frequently that GPS tracking device, provided by Organizers and installed in their vehicle, is operational.


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