Skydiving near Athens Attica

Skydiving near Athens Attica

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  • ExperienceBeginner
  • LocationNear Athens, Attica Greece
  • Duration20 mins
  • Opening SeasonJanuary up to December
  • Spoken LanguagesGreek English

Skydiving near Athens Attica, Greece

Skydiving is a life time experience!
Tandem Jump near Athens in Attica, is an exciting way to live the experience of free fall and
the serenity of the parachute flight.

For an appointment, please call 6936917200
  • Suitable for 9+
  • Participants up to 6
  • Cancelation Policy Flexible
  • Do not forget
    • Sport Shoes
  • What is included
    • Necessary equipment
    • Professional escorts
    • Helmet
  • What is not included
    • Handy cam video/photos
    • Outside-multi video(External+handy cam)/photos
After a short briefing on the ground and by using a jump suit and a special harness (to connect to the parachute), you are able to jump with an instructor with one parachute specially designed for two people. Our experienced instructor is the one who operates the parachute, guides you and controls you during the entire activity, from the moment you board the plane until you land safely.

Jumping from the plane from a height of 12000ft you will feel the unforgettable experience of free fall for about a minute, dropping at a speed of 200 km / h. After the tandem instructor opens the parachute, a magical parachute flight follows, for about 10 minutes, in which you are able to admire the wonderful view to the sea and the surrounding sights until your safe landing.

The Skydiving flights take place in Pachi Megaron.
You can keep your experience forever by asking it from us.
The whole activity and jump can be captured on video and photos with an extra cost, so you can share your experience by watching it with your friends.

In order to perform a tandem jump, you must meet the following conditions:
  • Good physical condition and health.
  • Maximum admitted weight of the passenger/student: 105 kg.
  • Necessary documents: ID card/passport
* The appointment time is specified as the time of arrival (exact meeting time will be arranged after booking)at our facility and not the time the jump takes place. The scheduled activity time will be within 3 hours of arrival time.

Flight duration is 20 minutes, 40 seconds free fall and 6-7 flying above the sea

Additional Services:
Handy cam video/photos: 50€
External video / photos (External+handycam): 100€
Photos & Videos
Meeting Point
Lakka Kalogirou
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