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Olympus Mytikas

Οργανωτής: Happy Mountain
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Happy Mountain‎Όλυμπος Οροπέδιο των Μουσών,Μύτικας
Happy Mountain
Place: Olympos 402 00, Greece
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  • 04.10.2019 - 06.10.2019
  • 10:00 - 20:00
  • Olympos, Ελλάδα
  • 6938106016
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  • 100-1300€/Participant

Those who have tried it consider it a life experience ...
Those who are experienced climbers, enjoy their time every time they are there ...

Especially the three-day climb to Mount Olympus is a unique experience for anyone who wants to get to know the mountain of the Gods without ever reaching their extremes, as the three days give you the opportunity to enjoy the mountain, share hiking hours and be fascinated by the smells and images that this mountain generously gives!

A weekend that gives you the opportunity to see the mountain on both sides, make a "little circle", sleep in two different shelters and return home full of emotions, tired but not exhausted!

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in the country at an altitude of 2918 meters (peak Mytikas) and the second highest in the Balkans. Tall, rocky peaks stretch across the horizon and paths in all directions to choose from!

Mount Olympus is a difficult mountain, with great elevation differences (climbing slope) and requires attention and respect from everyone, experienced and beginners. Especially the last part of the mountain to the tops, requires attention and experience.

Combine your good mood and fitness (from moderate to high) with the experience of Happy Mountain executives and you'll find the way to climb the most imposing mountain in Greece! It wants both effort and way!

After all, the absolute satisfaction we get every time we go back upstairs is that we've been able to bring kids and adults alike - basically beginners and young people to the mountain! We have been able to give satisfaction to all those people who trust us every time! We have been able to bring people close to nature, who will someday return, alone or with friends!

So if you want to experience one of the most powerful cross-border mountaineering experiences, read the full 3-day program ...

Friday noon 10:00: Departure from Thessaloniki. Arrival at Prionia and departure for the Trail of Silence around 12: 30-13: 00, to the Spilios Agapitos shelter (2,100m - Zolota). Duration of the trip: about 3.5 hours. Overnight in the shelter, rest with good food and good company.

Saturday Morning 07:00: Departure to the top of the shelter (Mytika for those who are capable and Skala - Scolios or Musical Plateau for the rest). Duration of the trip: about 3-4 hours. Arrival at noon at Yiosos Apostolidis shelter (2,697m). Total hiking time: 5-6 hours. Relax and close afternoon strolls around the peaks. Depending on the weather, we can try the summit at noon, starting from the refuge on the Muses Plateau. If the weather does not allow (rain, fog, etc.), we can hike to the nearby summit of Prophet Elias.

Sunday Morning: Relaxed waking breakfast, lunch at the shelter and return to Petrostruga shelter and Gorcia location. Our return will take about 5 hours.

We reiterate that the weekend is an ideal choice for a more relaxing climb, as well as, in the event of bad weather and "closed" weather, we can reach the high peaks either on Saturday mornings, Saturday midday, or even Sunday. in the morning!

NOTE 1 ... The top is not an end in itself! We will reach the peak of Mytikas only if the weather permits and only those who are able to attempt it. The tour leader has the right to refuse to climb to the top of a person who either does not follow the instructions or considers that he is unable to complete the climb. Everyone's safety is everything!

NOTE 2 ... Children from 12-13 years old are accepted, with parental support! Excluded are the ski academy kids we already know (and know about their capabilities) and can accompany them without parents!

Includes two nights in breakfast shelters, escorted by Happy Mountain executives (ratio of 1 to 6-8 people), use of mountaineering equipment (helmets, bodysuits, ropes, etc.), liability insurance, transportation, VAT 24%.

It DOES NOT INCLUDE that it is not mentioned, such as lunches and dinners in shelters.

NOTE: the program can be modified depending on the weather.

For your convenience and perfect preparation for the excursion you should have the following items with you…
• Backpack (40-50lt), hiking or sneakers, water cane
• Sleeping bag or linen (shelter has blankets but no sheets)
• Warm clothes (fleece, 2 long pants, windbreaker, cap, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers;)
• Personal toiletries, two changing clothes and underwear, towel (all items should be wrapped in plastic bags so they will not get wet in the event of heavy rain)
• Flashlight
• Sunglasses, sunglasses, camera
• Various snacks for hiking trips (chocolates, cereal bars, nuts, etc.)
• Sun cream

Cost: 100 euros (without shipping) or 130 euros with shipping
Minimum attendance: 8 people (1-2 escorts)
Maximum attendance: 20 people (3-4 sessions)

Entries (priority) until Wednesday 18 September (50 euro deposit) - with full name and mobile phone ...

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