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Kounoupitsa Waterfall & Loutra Pozar

Οργανωτής: Green Oliver
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Green Oliver‎Καταρράκτης Κουνουπίτσας & Λουτρά Πόζαρ
Green Oliver
Place: Pozar Baths 584 00, Greece
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  • 06.10.2019 - 06.10.2019
  • 08:00 - 20:00
  • Λουτρά Λουτρακίου, Ελλάδα
  • 6977212892
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  • 18,5€/Participant

A one-day excursion from Green Oliver's alternative tourism agency to charming Almopia, including:

Hike up to the impressive Kounoupitsa Waterfall
Free time to swim in the magical Baths of Pozar

Ancient Almopia

Almopia, with its current capital Aridea, is believed to have been inhabited during the Bronze Age by the Almopians, who according to Greek mythology were a breed of giants! They were named after their leader (Albopas), son of Poseidon and Ellis.

According to Thucydides, the Macedonians expelled the Albops during their expedition around the middle of the 6th century BC. Thus, Almopia became one of the 17 provinces of the Macedonian Kingdom!

Tour Info

We will visit the famous Pozar Baths, from where we will start our hike up to the 12m Kounoupitsa Waterfall!

Our route begins right behind the baths at an altitude of about 380 meters. At its start for about 30 minutes it is uphill, but the view of Agios Nikolaos Stream (Thermopotamos) compensates for any prospective hiker - explorer!

Then the slope becomes gentle and the path starts to move between fruit trees and beautiful meadows! It reaches Ano Loutraki at an altitude of about 730 meters, where there is a typical roundhouse with a gazebo next to it, where there is also a water source!

From this point and after we have rested for a while, we will continue downhill for about 45 minutes until we reach the great ravine of Ramno Bor, consisting of three central stream branches, the Isis Pine (Ramno Bor), Luta and the stream of Kounoupitsa.

Walking along the stream on shiny white stones for just 10 minutes, we will be in front of the impressive 12 meter Kounoupitsa Waterfall!

The return will be followed by the same beautiful and with many alternations backwards enjoying every moment in the magical nature!

The route we take is relatively walkable and is aimed at people with a good physical condition.


• Total route length: 9 mm
• Total hiking time: 4 hours
• Degree of difficulty of ride: 2 (good physical condition)
• Suitable for children: 12+ (Parenting required)

Those who do not wish to follow the entire course will reach Ano Loutraki, having traveled about half way, resting next to the water source, until finally making their way back to the baths.

After completing our hike there will be free time until 18:00 for baths in Pozar!

The healing and beneficial properties of water, known since ancient times, offer, from the depths of centuries, prevention and treatment in a multitude of pathological, musculoskeletal, skin, and other diseases, but at the same time they provide well-being, relaxation, rejuvenation, regeneration and anti-aging!

Bathroom information: cost / person 2 or 3 euros depending on the outdoor pool / cascade to be selected, while private baths can be booked by phone at 2384091300.

Those who do not want to bathe in the baths after hiking will have free time for coffee or eating in Pozar.

General information

Departure at 08.00 from the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki on Manolis Andronikos (extension of Basil Olga and Basil Georgiou to the center, shortly after the Town Hall).

Stop will be at 08.10 at the lantern at the height of One Salonica.

Return to the Archaeological Museum at 8pm.

Participation Information

Cost of excursion / person: EUR 18.5 including VAT 24%

The price includes:

• Coach transfer from Thessaloniki, intermediate travel and return
• Experienced escorts of Green Oliver Alternative Tourism Bureau
• Organized and coordinated by Green Oliver
• Liability insurance (professional liability insurance)
• VAT 24%

Refunds for cancellation can be made up to 4 days before the day of the excursion. Otherwise there is no refund due to the planned expenses of the activity.

Declarations of participation until seats are full

Deposit Accounts

IBAN Piraeus: GR75 0171 8640 0068 6414 2381 873
IBAN National: GR85 0110 2510 0000 2510 0215 471
IBAN Eurobank: GR78 0260 1220 0004 1020 0788 128
IBAN Alpha: GR49 0140 7270 7270 0200 2001 952

Beneficiary: Zervopoulos Chrysostom - Green Oliver

At the deposit, do not forget to mention your name and the excursion you are taking, and make sure you have booked in advance.

In order to better organize our excursion, please register in advance and pay the fee.

Necessary for the excursion

1. Mountaineering or trail running shoes
2. Walking poles (optional)
3. Suitable for seasonal clothing such as lightweight trousers, leggings, bermuda, vest, t-shirt, dri-fit clothing, windscreen etc (weather updated 1-2 days before organized excursion)
4. Waterproof (always necessary), socks and change of clothes
5. Small backpack for your personal belongings
6. Water 1.5 lt
7. Snacks such as sandwiches, chocolates, cereal bars, pastels, nuts, cookies, fruits etc.
8. Handkerchiefs
9. Swimsuits, towels and flip-flops (for those who dive in the Baths of Pozar and / or the waterfall of Kounoupitsa)
10. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

Rules / Requirements

The captain reserves the right to modify or cancel a portion of the excursion for safety reasons due to natural disasters or extreme weather events that would put the team members at risk.

The participants are obliged to obey the instructions of the escort leader throughout the excursion. Each participant has the sole and full responsibility for participating in the excursion.

The activities provided are available to anyone who is mentally and physically healthy, as well as in a reasonable physical condition.

Refunds for cancellation can be made up to 4 days before the day of the excursion. Otherwise there is no refund due to the planned expenses of the activity.

Each participant allows photos and videos to be taken during the excursion, for promotional and advertising purposes.

Each participant consents to the collection, registration and storage of his / her personal data requested in order to properly service the Green Oliver Alternative Tourism Bureau and to inform them of upcoming organized excursions and activities. All data is kept confidential and secure, with each participant being able to request the immediate cessation of their personal data and the permanent deletion of any data collected by Green Oliver.

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