Xtreme Greece: outdoor activities and tours in Greece


Greece is a place you can enjoy all year round.

We try to highlight all the activities you can enjoy 365 days!

For this reason, we have created the largest search website for activities in Greece.
The platform works simply by selecting the area and the sport / activity you want.

The best way to show this in practice, are the videos we create from big events and festivals all over Greece.

Another way to promote Greece as a place of alternative tourism, is the events we host on our website and are going to take part in any place of Greece, giving all the necessary informations.

But we do not stop here..
Articles on alternative tourism and xtreme sports, help people to understand better what Greece has to offer.

The effort to promote Greece from a different approach than it was usual, it is a bet for us, while trying to promote this new approach, to all tourists from all over the world.
Besides, we are not just ouzo, sun and sun loungers ..