Xtreme Greece: outdoor activities and tours in Greece


Greece is a place you can enjoy all year round.

We strive to highlight all the activities you can enjoy 365 days!

We have created the largest search activity website for Greece,
collaborating with a large network of travel businesses and websites
so that we can promote Greece to Greek and foreign tourists as a great place for alternative activities and tourism.

The platform works simply by selecting the area and activity you want.

We host events from all over the country by displaying them on the website
so that more and more activities and festivals have the proper visibility to the right audience.

In addition, the most fantastic way to view a place is to show it through a video.
The attempt to highlight an alternative aspect of Greece will continue,
through the filming of activities and events with appropriate communication channels to enhance its visibility.
Besides, we are not just ouzo, sun and sun loungers ..