Rafting Voidomatis River Papigo

Rafting Voidomatis River Papigo

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  • ExperienceBeginner
  • LocationVoidomatis River Zagori Epirus Greece
  • Duration3 hrs 20 mins
  • Opening SeasonJanuary up to December
  • Spoken LanguagesGreek English

Rafting in Voidomatis River, Ioannina, Papigo, Zagori, Zagorochoria, Epirus, Aristi, Greece

A family rafting trip, an incredible rafting experience in the impressive river Voidomatis in Greece.
Voidomatis (Greek: Βοϊδομάτης) is a river in the Ioannina regional unit in northwestern Greece, and is a tributary of the Aoös river. The main current sources are located under the village of Vikos. Along its path it converges with other water currents originating from the banks of Tymfi or the Vikos Gorge it ends close to Konitsa. The river has a total length of 15 kilometers. The name Voidomatis,(meaning: the eye of the ox), derives from the fact that oxen have clear blue eyes, like the waters of this river. Also, there is the Slavic etymology: Bode–Mat which means “good water”.

Voidomatis has been characterized as one of the cleanest rivers in Europe as it does not face any environmental issues. It crosses one of the most beautiful natural locations of Greece and has been part of the Vikos–Aoös National Park since 1973. The river is spanned by a number of stone bridges, the most famous being the Kledonas Bridge. The river is known for water sports such as rafting and kayaking. The Voidomatis is mostly seasonal, with year-round flow. The average temperature of the water does not exceed 4 °C.
  • Suitable for 3+
  • Starting Time 10:00
  • Participants up to 100
  • Cancelation Policy Flexible
  • Do not forget
    • Swim suit and towel
    • Season-appropriate clothing and change of clothes
  • What is included
    • Rain Jacket
    • Professional escorts
    • Helmet & life vest
    • Νeopren Shoes
    • Νeopren Οutfit
    • lifeJacket
    • Local Transportation
This river offers from first timers to hard core rafters. it is a 2 hour ride on the river.
Our meeting point will be from your hotel or at ourbase (were our team will pick you up and you will be given specialized rafting equipment which has been approved by proper health standards.
We will then transport you with our van to our destination were you will be given a 20 minute brief then your thrilling journey begins.
Distance: 5 klm from Aristi Bridge until the Bridge of Kleidonia and then 500 m for the base camp.
Duration: 1 hour & 45 min approximately (untill end of May) Summer time is approximately 2 hours due to low water levels.
Total duration: 3-3.5 hours depending on how many people are joining.

Meeting point and time: Will be arranged with your guide after booking confirmation.
The start of our trip depends exclusively on you. Our appointment will be based on your choice of accommodation.
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Meeting Point
it will be arranged depending on your staying
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  • Paul Famme
    fantastic, guides are nice, the river was fantastic too
  • Loukas Delis
    thank you guys, we enjoy
  • Manuela Pet.
    nice, the river is just wonderful
  • Sergie Rom.
    Must-do activity, if you are in epirus
  • ALEXANDROS Patrianakos