Pindos Mountains Snowshoe Traverse

Pindos Mountains Snowshoe Traverse

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  • ExperienceBeginner
  • LocationPindus Greece
  • Duration3 days
  • Opening SeasonJanuary
  • Spoken LanguagesGreek English

Crossing North Pindos with snowshoes
27-29 January

Crossing Northern Pindos with snowshoes is a unique experience, walking on snowy slopes and reviving old techniques of moving in the snow! We start from the village of Avdela, one of the highest Vlachohoria of Grevena, we cross Vasilitsa, we end up at the ski resort, and finally we end up in the famous Samarina!
  • Participants up to 10
  • Cancelation Policy Moderate
  • Do not forget
    • Waterproof
    • Fleece
    • Season-appropriate clothing and change of clothes
    • Isothermal clothes
    • Cap / Buff
    • Sunglasses
  • What is included
    • Necessary equipment
    • Professional escorts
    • Local Transportation
    • 2 nights in a hotel with breakfast
  • What is not included
    • Everything is not written
1st day
Meeting at the ski center where we spend the night in one of the shelters. (To be announced soon)
2nd day
In the morning we transfer to the village of Avdela with the aim and destination of the ski center of Vasilitsa. The route puts us in the "deep" for good, since it goes uphill, between clusters of beech and pine trees. We ascend in a direction, north, northwest towards the highest peak of Vasilitsa at 2249m. The trail we are following is a variation of the international trail E6, which "steps" in the footsteps of an old livestock trail, which was used a lot by the shepherds of the area. From the top of Vasilitsa we have a wonderful view towards Epirus and the mountains of Smolika of Tymfi, but also towards Macedonia, where Olympus dominates. The descent is made from the ridge of Vasilitsa, in the direction of the ski resort.  Duration 6-7 hours
3rd day
The next day finds us climbing to the relatively unknown peak of Gomara at 2177. The route starts with a view of the epiblitic Tymfi, and through the centuries-old robolas, it ends at the old fire tower of the peak. The choice of the point to control the fires is not accidental, since a large part of Greece can be seen from the top. Then, from the beautiful and well-formed ridge of Gomara, we head towards "Stavros" and the "Anitsa" hill where historic battles took place during the civil war. We are transferred to Samarina to end our two days in a dignified way!  Duration 5-6 hours
The price includes:
- 2 nights at Chalet Robolo
with breakfast.
- Transportation to the starting point,
and from the termination point to
- Mountain companion
- Equipment for 2 days (snowshoes, gaiters, walking sticks)

Do i need a winter mountain experience?
No winter mountain experience is needed as the routes are carefully selected and we will not be walking across steep, alpine fields. After all, with snowshoes we can only move on smooth slopes. Most of the route is in forests and gentle slopes! Experience in hiking is needed, as well as a moderate physical condition, since the walks last 5-6 hours.
  • Hiking in the unspoiled snow-capped mountains of Pindos
  • Experience the winter landscape
  • Alpine landscapes

Snowshoes are an old human "patent" and were used mainly in the northern countries (Scandinavia, Alpine countries, mountainous Balkans) but also in many regions of mountainous Greece. The constructions varied, usually they were made of hornwood or other flexible green wood, which formed a circle. Inside this circle, a rope was woven forming frames, squares, with a relatively dense weave. Wearing it on the feet, moving in the snow became easier because they simply did not sink. It was mainly used by hunters in our areas. The name snowshoe naturally derives from its racket-like shape. Today, of course, it has become quite a famous activity abroad, allowing ordinary winter hikers to enjoy hiking in the snow, without any particular technical difficulties!
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Meeting Point
Vasilitsa Ski Center
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