Travel Company on a Mission!

We promote Outdoor life, Adventure Trips and accommodation in nature in Greece!
Discover & Book the new way of Travelling with us!
Greece is a place you can enjoy at all times of the year.

In addition to sun, mountain & sea, it can offer many forms of experiences:
Alternative tourism, outdoor activities, agrotourism, adventure trips and accommodation in less crowded places.

The online platform XtremeGreece.Travel, is an online travel agency with the number 1246E70000055101, licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

We have created a platform (e-servises) for premium activities, adventure vacations and alternative accommodation in Greece, partnering with a network of tourism businesses and websites,
so that we can promote Greece as a wonderful place for alternative trips!

The platform works simply by selecting the area and activity and accommodation.

We host events and scheduled  adventures from all over the country.
At the same time, we are creating various video projects to promote these experiences.

After all, Greece is not just ouzo, sun and sunlounges ..