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Οργανωτής: Athens Blue Dream
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Athens Blue Dream
Place: Agioi Anargyroi, Greece
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  • Athens Blue Dream Diving Center Σχολή Καταδύσεων, Εμπόριο καταδυτικών προϊόντων, Σοφοκλή Βενιζέλου, Άγιοι Ανάργυροι, Ελλάδα
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Diving experience:
 Target Audience ;

 It is addressed all over the world. You do not have to have any relevant experience in diving.

Good mood, love and respect in the sea is enough to entertain and open a door to a new world.

 From what age could someone dive?

 From 8 years old upwards. Depending on your age, however, there are limitations.

Open Water Diver:

What is ;
It's your first step in your diving career. It is the basis of education that will allow you to have unforgettable underwater experiences.

What exactly will I do and what do you consist of?

you will practice diving techniques that will make you diving safely, learn to assemble and disassemble as well as take care of all parts of the equipment as well as you will get all the theoretical basic diving knowledge that is necessary for this level.
You consist of 6 dives, 5 theories. Diving can be the first 2 in the pool and the other 4 at sea or all at sea. Theories are made in the Dive Blue Dream - Scuba Dive.

From what age can anyone participate in this program?

From 8 years of age someone can participate in the program with some limitations
8-10 single pool and maximum depth 3 meters
10-12 can normally participate in the sea with a maximum depth of 12 meters
12-15 normal adult program, maximum depth 18 meters only with trainer or guardian escort
15-year-old regular program and a degree capable of allowing you and your couple to dave without a professional escort.


The Nitrox XR program bridges recreational diving with technical diving.
The XR NITROX diver can dive up to a depth of 40 meters with limited decompression up to 15 minutes using nitrox and 50%.
 Deep Diver
 EANx Diver
 24 dives
Suggested hours to complete the program: 16

Required equipment:
  A complete diving system
  Single bottle large bottle with double flap or double bottles with isolation valve.
  Two complete sets of breathing regulators, one with a tube of 2.10 meters.
  Stopwatch and DiveComputer
  Writing sign
  Mt 50 meters
  Cutting tool
  Bottle with a breathing regulator suitable for stage use
Total Disposals4.
Number of students
Max 4

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