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Place: Kourites, Greece
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  • 02.03.2019 - 03.03.2019
  • 09:00 - 23:59
  • Βόλακας - Κακομοίραστο, Ψηλορείτης, Κουρήτες, Ελλάδα
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Welcome to Europe's southernmost mountaineering race!
Pierra Creta is a mountain skiing game in the mountains of Crete. It was organized in 2014 for the first time with great success and won all those who participated. After years of success, Pierra Creta has become an event!

Compulsory Equipment
Ski Sandals or Snowboard
Mountaineering Crab
Avalanche Victim Tracking Transceiver
Shovel with arm
An Avalanche Victim Finder Bar
Sunglasses or Mask
Backpack Backpack
The final selection of the materials to be used during the race is at the discretion of the engraver according to the circumstances

Friday 1 March
- Arrival to Anogia

- Arrangement of records and accommodation

- Leisure. At this time you can visit the ski slopes or the surrounding villages


Saturday 2 March
The schedule of this day will vary depending on your arrival date.

Schedule for those arriving earlier on Saturday:

- Arrangement of records and accommodation

10:00 - 1st children's skiing meeting Psiloritis

- Children from nearby villages who have participated in winter training camp will take part in a symbolic fight. You are welcome to watch and support with your presence.

12:00 End of race and departure for Livadia

13:00 Arrival at Livadia

- Awards and a welcome from the people of Livadi.

Schedule for those arriving on Saturday:

- Arrival in Heraklion

10:00 - Departure from Heraklion to Anogia

12:00 - Arrival of Anogia

- Arrangement of records and accommodation

14:00 - Leisure and food (not covered)

Common program for all:

16:30 - Leisure time - Concentration

17:00 - Departure for Zoniana

17:30 - Visit to Sfendoni cave

19:00 - Race Update

- Opening ceremony


Sunday 3 March
07:30 - Departure for Clown

08:30 - Arrival at the starting point

10:00 - Starting match

15:00 - End of match

17:00 - Departure

- Time to arrange

19:30 - Concentration for the closing ceremony

- Awards

- Feast (Cretan feast - do not miss it ...)



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