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Enduro MTB Days in Olympus

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Enduro MTB Days‎Enduro MTB Days in Olympus
Place: Litochoro, Greece
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  • 27.07.2019 - 28.07.2019
  • 15:00 - 20:00
  • Όλυμπος, Λιτόχωρο, Ελλάδα
  • 6977955298
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  • 55€/Participant

The easiest way to start this text is a small historical retrospection in July 2016: on July 23, 100 riders gathered in Karya Elassona.
Early in the afternoon they boarded agricultural cars to Kalyvia and from there followed the rough dirt road that leads to the highest peaks of Olympus.
After 2000 meters of altitude the road becomes even harder.
In Semeos, they landed and biked for 10 kilometers and 450 meters up to the Great Gourna.

On July 27 and 28, the Enduro MTB Days in Olympus adventure is repeated!
Using uplift (agricultural cars) we will reach the location of Smeos from where we divide 10 km to Megali Gourna and the shelter Christaki.
There will be baking, a big fire in the middle, information for the next day and sleep, some (60 persons) in the shelter and the rest in scenes that will be organized by the organization.
The next day will start early in the morning with the ascent from the Great Gourna in Skolio.

Detailed program:

Saturday July 27th
15:00 meeting in Karyas Square - briefing
15:30 departures start
19:00 arrival of the last riders in the shelter
20:00 lunch
21:00 update

Sunday 28 July
7:30 breakfast
9:00 start of the race

The mountains only the arrogant ones "conquer", the rest are simply passers-by, humble pilgrims in front of a great grandeur. The mountains are sacred and Olympos the most sacred of all. As we approach something sacred, we approach this sensitive ecosystem.

Required equipment:

Helmet / gloves / eyeglasses / knee pads
Water / fruit, energy bars, nuts
Sleeping bag / substrate

The equipment of each participant can not exceed the 2 backpacks.
Sleeping bags and other things that are not needed by riders will be transported by car to Karya where the participants will receive them at the end of the journey.

The route is demanding and the altitude makes it even harder.
Stones, loose gravel, steep slopes and buoyancy are in the program.
Tiredness is the price and reward the sight. Work on the path has begun by Lazar Rigo and the Olympus Mythical Trail team.
The organization of transport for riders, bikes, luggage has been taken over by the experienced at the events and local mountain guide Sakis Pitenis and Trekking Hellas Olympus.
As the days approaching many participants are impatient, we will be more than happy to have you with us in this epic adventure!

The participation fee is 55 euros. In order to register, a deposit of € 25 must be deposited in the account 294-002101-047908 // IBAN GR47 0140 2940 2940 0210 1047 908 Account holder: Alexandros Petroutsos / Alpha Bank. Immediately afterwards, an email will be sent to alexandrosadv@yahoo.com for confirmation. The remaining EUR 30 is given to the secretariat that will be operating at Karya Square before the departure of the riders. Additional bank charges are charged exclusively to the individual participant.

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