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3 Days in Karpenissi

Οργανωτής: Green Oliver
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Green Oliver‎Τριήμερο 28ης Οκτωβρίου στο παραμυθένιο Καρπενήσι
Green Oliver
Place: Karpenissi 361 00, Greece
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  • 26.10.2019 - 28.10.2019
  • 07:30 - 21:00
  • Karpenisi, Ελλάδα
  • 6977212892
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  • 177-225€/Participant

This weekend of October 28th we travel to the magnificent Karpenisi, known and not unjustly as "the Switzerland of Greece"! An action and tour trip from the Green Oliver Alternative Tourism Bureau to the sunken fir-trees and full of flowing Evritania! An excursion of culture and history to traditional stone-built villages with picturesque narrow lanes, which revives mysteries, legends and traditions!


Karpenissi (whose name is probably derived from the Turkish words "kar benis", meaning "snow-covered place") is the capital of the Prefecture of Evritania and is one of the most popular destinations in Greece throughout the year!

It is nestled in the center of the prefecture, in the embrace of Mount Velouchi or Tympristos at an altitude of 960 meters. With a population of about 6500 inhabitants it spreads in the fertile valley of the river Karpenisiotis and impresses every traveler with its innumerable natural beauties!

A historic city that fought great battles during the revolution of 1821, while Karaiskakis and Botsaris set their sights on its wildlife, where the air of freedom breathed. And in recent history in the Resistance against the Germans, one of the first meetings of the organization of resistance by Mars Velouhiotis was held in Karpenissi.


The most sparsely populated prefecture of Greece (30,790 inhabitants according to the 2011 census covering an area of ​​1,869 square kilometers) that fascinates every nature-lover with the authenticity of its mountainous and genuine nature. Rugged and rugged mountains, scam caves, rivers, lakes and monasteries literally built on the rocks!

There are two versions of the origin of the name Evritania. The former indicates the archaic ability of its inhabitants and is derived from the verb "erio". While the second indicates the many waters of the area (wide + flow = wide area, a place with running water).

As an adjective, however, the word was used for the first legendary king of the area (and skillful archer), Evritos.

Detailed program

Day 1

Departure at 07.30 from the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum on Manolis Andronikou (extension of Basil Olga and Basil Georgiou to the center, shortly after the Town Hall). The stop will take place at 07.40 and at the lantern at the height of One Salonica (diagonally across from Media Markt).

Our journey for a magical three days of action, exploration and history began! Our first destination and stop in the picturesque Ypati, with Byzantine churches, fountains and spas! There we will be able to choose between two activities!

Group 1o

The group of our hikers! A seductive route awaits us on the "Path of Drugs"!

According to the legend, as well as the stories of ancient historians and travelers, there were witches Pharmacides living on the outskirts of the mountains of Ypati!

We will pass through Anemotripa, where the Pharmacides lived, an impressive suspension bridge until we reach the proud waterfalls that the Pharmacides bathed, exterminating the good and the bad in their frozen waters!

The route we take is relatively walkable and is aimed at most. Specifically:

• Total travel length: 5 mm (front and rear)
• Total hiking time: 2 hours
• Grade difficulty level: 1+ (basic fitness)

Group 2o

The group that will choose the baths! http://www.loutraypatis.gr
The thermal springs and modern facilities of the Baths of Ypati Spa are located in a beautiful park of approximately 90 acres, which is a place of recreation, peace and tranquility.

The therapeutic value of the healing waters of the Baths of Ypati is unique! Rich in carbonic acid, but at the same time hydrogen sulfide!

As carbohydrates they are beneficial for the circulatory system, as well as for the neurophysiological, suitable for disorders and disturbances of cardiac function, hypertension, recovery conditions, as well as for chronic diseases of the nervous system.

At the same time, as sulphides the waters are recommended for various skin diseases and chronic rashes, especially eczema, dermatitis, acne, but also for chronic rheumatic diseases and arthritis.

Hours of relaxation and healing await us in a modern spa town!

After both groups finish our activities, we will board the bus to the fairy tale of Karpenisi, where we will stay for two days!

There we will check-in at our hotel and have about 1.30 hours in our rooms for rest and preparation, until we meet again for an idyllic afternoon in Karpenissi!

In the marble paved Marco Botsari Square and between the paved main streets of Zenopoulou & Ath. !

Day 2

After having our breakfast, we will board the bus to begin our exploration around Karpenissi in picturesque traditional villages and on the highest peaks!

We will reach the Big Village at an altitude of 720 meters, at the entrance of which we will first encounter a minor heroine of resistance. It is the bust of 17-year-old Panayiotas Stathopoulou, who stands there and witnesses the role of the village in the revolution from the years of the Turkish occupation to the civil war.

Group 1o

It's time for Green Oliver Hiking fanatics! Another peak awaits us!

From the historic village we will start our 2 day hike. Our goal to reach Kaliakouda peak at an altitude of 2099m!

We will follow a beautiful path through a forest, where there are springs of drinking water, until we reach the shelter of EPA Karpenisi after a 4.5 to 5 km course.

From there we will enter the last alpine route for about 2 km, which is the most demanding part of the trail due to the steep incline after the nest.

The view however from 2099m. at the top of Kaliakouda is magical and is expected to reward the hassle of combat hikers!

The return will be made following the same course backwards.

The route we take requires good fitness. Specifically:

• Total route length: 13.5 mm (front and rear)
• Total hiking time: 6 - 7 hours
• Grade difficulty level: 2+ (good physical condition)

Group 2o

There in the Big Village we will first have a first-class opportunity to admire the Karpenissiotis valley and the peaks of Mount Helidona. While of course we will stroll through the narrow streets and through the village churches tasting local produce, such as honey, jams, herbs and more!

Then we will go to one of the most popular destinations of Evritania, the traditional village of Prousos! There we will visit the beautiful monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa, which is built on a steep rock and was founded according to the tradition of Iconoclasm, in 829-842 AD.

In the museum area of ​​the monastery there are still valuable treasures (such as old manuscripts and publications, handwritten codes, patriarchal sigils, firmans, embroideries, relics, portable icons, vestments, silverware and crosses) and his personal belongings.

Then, the sequel is expected to be exciting, as the mythical Black Canyon awaits us! We will follow an asphalt road first and then a scenic path between running water, wooden bridges, ponds, small waterfalls, plane trees and firs until we reach the Black Cave! It was a cave, which was a refuge for the locals during the Turkish occupation and during the German occupation.

The route we take is relatively short. Specifically:

• Total travel length: 5 mm (front - rear)
• Total hiking time: 2 hours
• Grade difficulty level: 1+ (basic fitness)

After our fascinating tour of nature, the time has come for something different! We will go to River Art - Karpenissi, a place of inspiration and creativity! It is an original concept café-bistro and art gallery, which leaves multiple impressions and surprises travelers! So there we will also have the opportunity to steal some of the creators' inspiration and wake up to our own artistic concern!

When both groups finish our daily activities, we will meet to go to the hotel together. There we will have 2 hours rest and preparation time until we meet again for a buffet dinner with live music and dancing!

Day 3

After having our breakfast and check-out, we depart for our 3rd day of hiking and hiking in the beautiful nature by the Karpenissiotis River!

Our starting point this time is the hill of Agios Dimitrios. From there we will walk to the historic Kefalovrysos, where there is the monument dedicated to Marco Botsari, who lost his life on August 9, 1823 in a battle against the Turks.

By this point we will have about 3.5 km and anyone who does not want to walk will be able to stop for coffee in a wonderful recreation area under centuries-old plane trees. Afterwards he will take the bus to Koryshades, where he will have free time in the picturesque village.

The rest of us will continue our amazing hiking trail south of Kefalovrysos, heading west and leading us to a real gem, the picturesque old arched bridge of Karpenissiotis River!

After crossing the provincial, we will find ourselves in the spectacular plane-tree forest of Korychades with plenty of water just before entering the historic village.

The route we take requires moderate fitness. Specifically:

• Total length of route: 8 km (crossing)
• Total hiking time: 3 - 3.5 hours
• Degree of difficulty in walking: 2 (moderate fitness)

Koryshades is another village of Evritania written in golden letters in the history of modern Greece. Its history lies in the fact that in May 1944 the PEEA (Political Committee for National Liberation) held the first national assembly of the fighters for the liberation of Greeks in the village school.

The site has been declared a historic monument and serves as a National Resistance Museum.

After we all meet in Korychades, we will board the bus to start our return journey.

A little later there will be a stop for a delicious lunch, which will come as a cherry to best complement a unique weekend of October 28 in the fairytale nature of Karpenisi that will be unforgettable!

Return to Thessaloniki around 21.00.

Participation Information / person

• Single room: 225 € incl. 24% VAT (181.45 € + 43.55 €)
• Double room / person: 187 € incl. 24% VAT (150,80 € + 36,20 €)
• Triple room / person: € 177 including VAT 24% (€ 142.74 + € 34.26)

The price includes:

• Coach transfer from Thessaloniki, intermediate travel and return
• Stay 2 nights with breakfast at the 3 * Lecadin Hotel, http://www.lecadin.gr
• Buffet dinner with live music
• Experienced escorts of Green Oliver Alternative Tourism Bureau
• Liability insurance (professional liability insurance)
• Organized and coordinated by Green Oliver
• VAT 24%

The cost of participation does not include a Residence Tax (Overnight Fee) according to Article 53 of Law 4389/2016 (Government Gazette 94 / A / 27-05-2016) - 1.5 € / ROOM / NIGHT. This tax is charged at the extra room rate and is paid in cash directly at the hotel.

Optional: Travel insurance from Allianz at an extra cost of 4 euros / person. For detailed insurance coverage, please ask us for detailed information at info@greenoliver.gr.

Entries until full seats - Priority will be respected

Balance repayment up to 21 days before the start of the excursion day at the latest.

The full refund for cancellation can be made up to 21 days before the day of the excursion. A 70% refund (30% down payment) for cancellation can be made up to 14 days before the day of the excursion. Otherwise there is no refund due to the planned expenses of the activity.

Deposit Accounts

IBAN Piraeus: GR75 0171 8640 0068 6414 2381 873
IBAN National: GR85 0110 2510 0000 2510 0215 471
IBAN Eurobank: GR78 0260 1220 0004 1020 0788 128
IBAN Alpha: GR49 0140 7270 7270 0200 2001 952

Beneficiary: Zervopoulos Chrysostom - Green Oliver

At the deposit, do not forget to mention your name and the excursion you are taking, and make sure you have booked in advance.

To better organize our excursion, please complete your registration by depositing a 30% deposit immediately.

Necessary for the excursion

1. Mountaineering or good sneakers
2. Walking poles (optional)
3. Suitable for seasonal clothing such as hiking trousers, winter leggings, vest, fleece, woolen blouse, jacket, dri-fit clothes, isothermal, collar, cap, gloves etc.
4. Waterproof (always necessary)
5. Small backpack for hiking
6. Water
7. Snacks such as sandwiches, chocolates, cereal bars, pastels, nuts, cookies, fruits, dried fruits etc.
8. Handkerchiefs
9. Swimsuits, towels and flip flops (for those who choose baths)
10. Personal hygiene products
11. Mountaineering gaiters (optional)

Rules / Requirements

The captain reserves the right to modify or cancel a portion of the excursion for safety reasons due to natural disasters or extreme weather events that would put the team members at risk.

The participants are obliged to obey the instructions of the escort leader throughout the excursion. Each participant has the sole and full responsibility for participating in the excursion.

The activities provided are available to anyone who is mentally and physically healthy, as well as in a reasonable physical condition.

Each participant allows photos and videos to be taken during the excursion, for promotional and advertising purposes.

Each participant consents to the collection, registration and storage of his / her personal data requested in order to properly service the Green Oliver Alternative Tourism Bureau and to inform them of upcoming organized excursions and activities. All data is kept confidential and secure, with each participant being able to request the immediate cessation of their personal data and the permanent deletion of any data collected by Green Oliver.

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