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1o Adventure Meeting 2019

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1o Adventure Meeting 2019‎1o Adventure Meeting 2019
Place: Sofiko 200 04, Greece
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Our vision and our love for the Motorcycle, in a single event, our goal is to be established as the top motorcycle of the year: The Adventure Meeting.

On the second weekend of September 2019, Vikiti's team makes an appointment in Sofiko Corinthia and in the well-known "Ranch" for a unique experience of adventure and action.

Three days, a unique, carefully selected space with high standards of hospitality and all the leading companies of motorcycles and related products, for a Motorcycle and Rider feast.

A weekend for the whole family, with activities on the main axis of the motorcycle.

• Test Rides: Wheeled and Asphalt on specially selected routes with experienced pilots, café racer with wheeled tires, downhill and ebikes bike and ATV tests.
• Skill contests, flat track Tracks, BMX, children's track.
• Product adventure lifestyle: camping, gps, outdoor apparel
• Extreme sports, climbing, trekking, yoga, swimming, cycling, archery
• Comfortable stay in bungalows in the event area and family packages.
• Restaurant, café - bar
• Event hall for seminars and travel presentations, concert venues.
• Safe Driving Lessons, Enduro and Adventure lessons,
• First Aid Seminar.
• Drawings of rich gifts

The first three-day Adventure Meeting is to gather riders from all over Greece with Adventure travel and motorcycles.
A three-day bike with a basic axis, and aiming for fun safely.

The first Adventure Meeting is what is missing from the Greek market, and is intended to be established.

We are waiting for you!

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