Hiking Tour Rhodes Valley

Hiking Tour Rhodes Valley

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  • ExperienceBeginner
  • LocationRhodes Greece
  • Duration6-7 hrs
  • Opening SeasonMay up to October
  • Spoken LanguagesGreek English

Hiking Tour Rhodes Valley, Greece

Citrus fruits are one of Rhodes main products. In our team would be remiss if it failed to honour the flavour-packed,
nutritious goods that have found a place on every family table from the start of Rhodian history to the present day.
So we’ve opted to show our guests the island’s best place for oranges, lemons, mandarins as well as pomegranates. To get there, we opted for a tour on foot. That gives you the time to study the environment, the forest, and each individual tree and every individual fruit.

We’ve dubbed the area “Orange Valley” and for the last few years we’ve been taking guests who want a quiet, easy ramble here, surrounded by orange, lemon, mandarin and pomegranate trees, as well as centuries’ old olive trees, pines and cypresses.
  • Suitable for 8+
  • Participants up to 50
  • Cancelation Policy Flexible
  • Do not forget
    • Sunblock
    • Sunglasses, hat
    • Water
  • What is included
    • Professional escorts
    • Water
    • Pick up drop off service
    • Snack-light meal
We start hiking from the dirt track that leads into the centre of the valley. Left and right there are old irrigation channels built by the Italians during the occupation. Those channels continue to provide the main source of water for the fields in the area. The heady scent from the mix of citruses and herbs far excels the perfumes from the best perfume houses. The best proof that Rhodes emerged from the depths of the sea after Nissyros’ volcano erupted millions of years ago is somewhere nearby … but that’s just one of the many surprises in store for those you opt to explore Orange Valley.

As we approach the picturesque village, we’ll hiking on the peripheral dirt track that leads to an immense natural plateau planted with vines. The view is breath-taking. The valley spreads out before you, dotted with two villages, and in the distance Kalathos’ sandy beach. To the right, Ancient Lindos’ cape dominates. Heading to a small tributary of the Gadouras River, we’ll cross embankments packed with fossilised shells.

Wending our way down the dry bed of that stream on the right is a forest of citrus trees, pines and centuries old olive trees. As we come to a small gorge, we’ll look for the rare, small “gizani” fish that lives only on Rhodes, in the brook that flows from the gorge. It manages to survive the raging winter waters, by swimming against the current, and to endure the intense bright light of summer by finding refuge in tiny ponds with minimal water. It’s rightly been dubbed the island’s “true survivor”. As we move along the gorge, you’ll see a terrace of rock in front of you which has created a small, cooling waterfall. There’s a small plaque there commemorating those who died in WWII.

As we continue hiking along the stream, we’ll try to find the source. The vegetation is lush, with towering pines and cypresses, olive trees and oleanders. Along the route, you're bound to encounter friendly wild goats, the main residents of the area. We’ll also come across some of the springs that keep the brook babbling even in summer, as well as the end of the trial which is a natural wall 15 m high which becomes a fast-flowing waterfall in the heart of winter and is the main source of water in the tributary.The return route retraces our steps along the gorge. This time we’ll walk with the stream bed on our right. To the left you’ll see an immense reservoir which is used to irrigate all the local fields. At the end of the dirt track ahead lies the bell tower of the village’s main church which dominates the landscape.

Dedicated to St. George, the relaxing benches in the cool courtyard are the perfect place for a rest. Time for lunch! Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives, feta cheese, village style bread baked to a traditional recipe and fresh boiled eggs. All from Rhodes. All totally fresh. A traditional light yet nutritious meal that Rhodians prefer for their summer lunch. In the distance is Kalathos Bay and the rock of Ancient Lindos: nature imitating art.
As you head back through Orange Valley your tour guide will continue to recount the island’s history and describe the local flora and fauna, and let you in on the local customs and mores.

Images and scents forge another experience of a lifetime. An experience packed with strong memories that you’ll want to relive.
Memories from Rhodes’ incomparable countryside.
  • Our guide will pick you up at your hotel in Rhodes  between 8:00 to 08:45 (the exact time depends on where your hotel is and
    will be arranged after booking with your guide).
  • Start exploring Rhodes on our hiking tour around 09:20.
  • Hiking equipment is selected according to your body type.
  • Hike along country paths, trails and rural roads.
  • While en route learn about the nature and history of Rhodes from our group leaders. 
  • Enjoy a delicious Greek snack to recharge your batteries before the return journey.
  • We then head back to the coach.
  • You’ll be back at your hotel by around 16.30.

Our team who take you on your exploration are experts and know the history and culture of Rhodes inside out.
They are skilled hiking guides, and with their help you will learn some hints and tips to surpass yourself.
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