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9th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing 2019

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Place: Greece
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  • 22.09.2019 - 22.09.2019
  • 11:00 - 14:00
  • Διώρυγα Κορίνθου, Ελλάδα
  • 2106856946
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  • 35-55€/Participant

Get ready for the biggest Greek SUP event!

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, we will be in Corinth Canal for the ninth consecutive year, for the biggest celebration of the Greek SUP community, the SUP of our country's only major channel.

The entry limit for this year is 500.


The participants will paddle 6,343 meters along the Corinth Canal.

One of the most important works of modern Greece, which played a catalytic role for the Mediterranean trade, the Corinth Canal, was an inspiration for centuries and was completed 25 centuries after its conception.

"Apneios Corinth" has been one of the most important cities of the then known world, but also of modern Greece since antiquity. Its geographical location has made it a major naval, commercial and cultural center.

The total length of the Canal is 6,343 meters, of which 540 meters are occupied by the ancient Isthmia and Poseidonia.

The maximum width of the Canal is 24.60 meters above sea level and 21 meters below sea level. The depth of the canal is 8 meters. The imposing walls on either side of the canal reach 80 meters.

The time of Diaplo will be announced five (5) days before the date of the event and participants will be informed from the Organizing website and by email from the Organizing Committee.

This is due to the fact that there are currents (21/2 - 3 knots) along the canal that change direction every six (6) hours.

The start will be on the canal side where the sea currents flow in their favor.

The start will be through the water, before entering the canal and submerged bridges (Isthmia or Posidonia) where the width is greater.

Termination can be done either at sea or on land, depending on the prevailing conditions.

Termination Timeout (2) hours.

The categories that the participants can participate in are:

14'0 '' - Men's Men 's Master | Women's Master of Women News | Young girls
12'6 '' - Men's Men 's Master | Women's Master of Women News | Young Girl Children Crustaceans
Surf - Men | Men 's Master | Women's Master of Women
Team - XL SUP Team
! Minimum number of participants per category: Five (5). Otherwise the categories can be merged

................................................... ................................................... ................................

Category 14'0 '': Race-Touring vessels longer than 12'6 '' and less than or equal to 14'0 ''

Class 12'6 '': Race-Touring vessels of less than or equal to 12'6 ''

SURF Category: Surf-wave-all around vessels of 12'0 '' length or less

Young and Young Category: Children 13-18 years old (born 2002-2006)

Kids and Girls category: Children up to 12 years old (born 2007 onwards).

Master Category: Men over 40 (born 1978)


A participant who so wishes may declare a more difficult category than he or she belongs to, board or age, e.g. young men, young women, and SURF at 12'6 '' or 14'0 ''.

Each participant can declare ONE category only.

Participants with boats longer than 14'0 '' or with other types of boats (eg boats with more than one rider) may participate in the race but will be out of competition.

Inflatable boats will fall into the categories according to their type and length.

Indicative Program of the Organization:

Registration: 09:30 - 11:00
SUPers Meeting: 11:00 - 11:15
Starting at 11:30
Lunch: 14:00
Awards: 15:30
Event end: 16:30
For those who do not know, there is a sea current that changes almost every 6 hours within the Corinth Canal. This particularity does not allow us to determine precisely in advance the exact time of the Appeal, nor the time.

In order to ensure a favorable current of Diaplou, the final event of the event will be announced 2-3 days before the day of the event.

But again the program can change even at the last minute (in the past) depending on the sea current, the prevailing weather conditions and uncertain factors.

We will keep you up to date with announcements on the Organization's website and social networks.

Right to participate in the Upright Riding Event (SUP) - Corinth Canal Crossings all have a gender and age that:

have submitted the on-line application form
have sent a recent Medical Certificate
have paid the cost of participation
have signed the responsible statement of disclaimer (On the day of the event)
Participants in the event should:

Be perfectly healthy and certified with a recent Medical Certificate.
Do not get injured, use banned substances and are not under the influence of alcohol.
Accept by signing the responsible statement on the day of the race:
SUP as well as participating in SUP events at sea can be hazardous activities and may pose a risk of injury. The Organizing Committee, as well as anyone who voluntarily contributes to the event, bears no responsibility in the event of an accident and personal injury occurring before, during or after the event, both at sea and on land, as well as for material loss. or damage to SUP equipment. They will not prosecute and demand no compensation from the organizing committee.
Read and follow the instructions of the notice and the program of the event. Be in the Registry office on time and follow the instructions and instructions of the organizers throughout the event.
To comply with the relevant provisions of the GGL. No 20 as amended and in force as well as any relevant regulation.
Accept their photography and video recording inside and outside the event and viewing the material in the media and online.
Wear the Lycra with its attendance number, which they will receive from the secretariat throughout the event.
Protect the canal's natural environment from any pollution.
In case of abandonment, they are obliged to follow the instructions of the Organizing Committee (transferring them by boat to the finishing point).
In case a participant exceeds the two-hour time limit, he / she is obliged to embark on a Steering Committee vessel and be transferred to the finish.
Minor participants must be accompanied by their guardian, who will be solely responsible for the minor's participation in the event, signing the relevant statement of responsibility.


35 € - for applications and redemption until 31/08/2019
50 € - for applications and redemption from 01/09/2019 to 19/09/2019
 Cancellation and refund can be made until 31/08/19


Upon registration, each participant will receive and be entitled to:

Official Lycra of the event
Commemorative Diploma
Full Buffet Lunch
Complete lifesaving and health coverage
Return of itself and its equipment by termination or vice versa


There is the option of additional ordering at registration (optional):

souvenir cotton t-shirt - 15 € (DESCRIPTION HERE)
souvenir hat - 15 € (SEE HERE)


During the event medical staff, first aid as well as an ambulance will be on hand. Lifeguards and lifeboats will sail all the way to respond to any emergency and to supply water to participants.

Any further information will be announced on the event's website

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