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Οργανωτής: Skydive Greece
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Skydive Greece
Place: Megara, Greece
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We are the oldest skydiving school in Greece (1988) and the forst one autorised by the Hellenic Aviation Association (ELAO), since 1989 and USPA member since 1995. All our intructors are USPA ratings holders and they have years of experience in skydiving in several drop zones around the world.

We are based in Megara Airport which is about 25 minutes’ drive from Athens. Our drop zone is the historic drop zone that the Greek Army is using for several decades. ground school training takes place in our facilities within the area of Civil Aviation Agency. We are open on Fridays (after 2.30pm), Saturdays and holidays. our working hours follow those of the Megara Airport which are from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm during the wintertime and from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm during the summertime.

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