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4th Tour of Daphne-The Divine ride!

Οργανωτής: Cycling Hellas
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Tour of Daphne cycling hellas
Cycling Hellas
Place: Larissa, Greece
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let's invite you to the fabulous cycling event Tour of Daphne!
You are welcome to enjoy an event full of Greek mythology and history!
Revive the legend of Apollo's love with the beautiful Daphne nymph and follow his own mythical Delphi route!

Cycling Hellas and the PINIOS Cycling Association with co-organizers: Region of Thessaly, Region of Central Greece, Municipality of Tempi, Municipality of Delphi and with the support of: Cycling Community on the Move, the Association of Culture and the Environment of Dryas, , the Municipality of Larissa, the Municipality of Farsala, the Municipality of Domokos, the Municipality of Lamies and the Municipality of Gravia and EKAB Central Greece, on Saturday August 29, 2020 the innovative cycling event called 4th Tour of Daphne - The Divine Ride.
It is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Culture & Sport. It is a 230km cycling trip, reviving the myth of Apollo's love of God for the daughter of Peneus Daphne and the mythical procession that started from Tempe and reached Delphi in honor of God, linking history, mythology, culture, culture and tourism!

The aim is the development and attraction of sports, leisure and cultural tourism in our country. Parallel goals are the development of mass sports and the development of cycling on the one hand and the tourism development of the areas involved and the promotion of cultural, historical and local products.

Evvent is aimed at long distance lovers and the history of our country. It starts from the Tempi Valley of Larissa and ends at the Delphi Oracle, highlighting Greek myths and stories.


Starting point: Tempi Valley, Daphni Fountain.

Start time: 8.00 am

End: Delphi Oracle. Deposit of laurel branches.

Distance: 230 km. Agia Paraskevi Tempi, Evangelismos, Makrychori, Larissa, Farsala, Domokos, Lamia, Gravia, Amfissa, Delphi Oracle.

Duration of the trip: about 9-12 hours.

Difficulty level: Moderate. Medium to good fitness is essential.

Ages: Participants must be adults.

Friday 28th August

Arrivals of visitors to Larissa.

7.00pm City sightseeing tour.

8.30pm Dinner and accommodation at the Metropol Hotel http://www.metropol-to.com/en/ followed by a technical conference for the event


Saturday August 29th

6.00- 6.45 am Breakfast in the hotel - arrangement of bicycles & luggage in vehicles.

7.00am Departure of cyclists to start - Tempe Valley.

7.45am Short technical update before startup.

8.00am Start up

Duration of the trip: about 9-12 hours.

Finish: Delphi.

Awards during finishes.

10.00pm Lunch at hotel - restaurant in Delphi. Extra payment at the same hotel.

Greek music night and overnight.


Sunday 30 August

9.30am A tour of the archaeological site of Delphi.

3.15pm Departure bus from Delphi to Thessaloniki stops at Agia Paraskevi in ​​Tempi. The return of the car, trailer of the event will take place at the same time as the KTEL bus to Tempi.

4.00pm and 6.45pm: Departure bus from Delphi to Athens departs.


Those staying in Delphi on Sunday morning can choose to tour the Delphi archaeological site. The entrance fee is borne by the participants. The tour guide is an offer of the event.


 The 230km route is recorded in a roadbook which will be contained in the envelope to be distributed to all cyclists.

Cyclists can analyze and study the route by clicking on the link: https: //flow.polar.com/training/analysis/2415112083 

Throughout the process, cars and lorries will be supported in procession for water supply, catering, service of “Dalavikasbikes” at bicycle support stations, front-wheel drive driver, broom car - end of tour, cyclists, vehicles for first aid (EKAB ambulance etc. vehicles), bicycle lorry, bus, cyclist escorts behind the group wishing to accompany.

Cyclists ride in a procession, all compulsory to a certain point on a ring road around the city and from there they will be given a start at their own pace, stopping at the checkpoints.

A checkpoint for stamping the card will be available at Launch, Farsala, Lamia's Central Square, Gravia and Delphi's finish.


The Farsala Secretariat / Control opens at 9.30am. and closes at 12.30pm.

Lamia Secretariat / Control opens at 11.30am and closes at 3.30pm.

The Secretariat / Control in Gravia opens at 12.30am. and closes at 7pm.

The Delphi Secretariat / Control opens at 2.30 pm and closes at 10pm


For cyclists who for some reason are leaving the track, they are given the opportunity to load the bike in a 'vacuum cleaner' tour.

Athletes who finish in the arch of the event seal the card and deposit the Daphne branch in a special area at the entrance to the Delphi City Hall.



There are six points to supply water / food along the route:

1st small refueling station / water supply startup in Tempi.

2nd small refueling station / water supply, 78km to Farsala.

3rd refueling / water supply station 107 km in Domokos.

4th refueling / water supply station at 141 km to Lamia Central Square.

5th 179km buffet / water supply station in Gravia.

6th buffet refueling station and water supply at 230km finish at Delphi.



Bicycle case for personal belongings.


Sabrella & Levi's


Windproof-waterproof sleeveless jacket (optional).

Windproof-waterproof jacket sleeves (optional in the event of rain).


Sunscreen and lip cream depending on the season.

Extra bottle of water.

Camera, personal belongings.




Those who have reached the age of 18 and will fill in the relevant registration form are eligible to apply.

All cyclists complete and sign the responsible statement of the N105 (according to the model in the relevant field - PARTICIPATION STATEMENTS) stating that they are participating in the event at their own risk, stating that they are aware of the risks involved in moving them r roads and are fully responsible for their physical integrity, certify their physical and psychological health - ability as well as other issues / conditions of the organization and NECESSARY present it to the Office celebration of the event.

Cyclists are advised to have a recent medical examination.

It is mandatory to use the appropriate bicycle helmet that meets all the necessary specifications.

Participants are solely responsible for the maintenance of their personal equipment during the event.

Participants must register and deposit money in due time on the dates indicated.

The event reserves the right to use photos and videos without issue of any participating cyclist, spectator or attendant.



The organization reserves the right to expel any participant who exhibits misconduct before, during or after the event.

Cyclists are excluded from voluntary dumping of inorganic rubbish (packaging from non-recyclable material) outside the feed zones. The bike is an ecological sport and so we have to defend it.



All participants must travel right along the route and adhere to the rules of the Road Traffic Code. According to the Code of Conduct the lights and vests are mandatory half an hour before sunrise and half an hour before sunrise.

In the event of a road accident, cyclists stop at the right side of the road safely for themselves and other passersby. Necessary equipment for damage (pumps, sambrella, levitra etc.).

Checkpoints will be available at startup, Farsala, Lamia, Gravia and finish. Keep a line for your convenience.

Bike Service points will be available at all of the above control stations.



The escorts are compulsory behind the group of athlete they accompany. They do not precede or in any way interfere with the event's Proposal car.

Cars must move on the right side of the road as required by the Road Traffic Code.

Drivers are responsible for their vehicle and must immediately follow the recommendations and instructions of the Organizing Committee.

During stops / reconstructions, stop right before or after the cyclist stops, in a way that does not impede the smooth movement of passing vehicles and cyclists.

They are never ahead of a major group or individual cyclists less than 50 meters away.

They are never followed mainly by a group or individual athletes less than 20 meters away.

They do not provide assistance to a cyclist in a way that impedes the smooth running of traffic, as opposed to the CCC. and the code of conduct for cycling (pulling / cycling) and / or burdening the position of another athlete.

 In the event of an emergency or for assistance, they ALWAYS take into consideration other cyclists and passers-by in general, occupying a position on the road that does not impede the smooth flow and movement of cyclists and other vehicles.

All drivers or attendants are not allowed to fly anywhere or any trash along the route.

Enrollments open October 30, 2019 and end on Friday, June 31, 2020 at 24:00


Financial terms

* The cost of participation is set at 25 euros.

* Valid participation is considered to have been settled at least until August 10th.

* The deposit will be made by Paypal or by bank deposit to the account: GR30 0172 6080 0056 0806 2675 523 - Piraeus Bank

Beneficiary Dalavikas Constantine

* Any deposit costs are borne by the depositor ONLY.


* The title of the event "3rd Dafni Road" must be entered together with the depositor's name.

* The Secretariat will not accept payments on the day of the event.

* A cyclist who participates and does not attend the event is not eligible

money return.

* Upon expiry of the above date no entry form will be accepted.

-> Participants must complete the online application form and by submitting it accept all rules and conditions of the event.


File Distribution

The Organizing Committee will distribute to the participants a dossier including the number, the membership card, the roadbook, the Responsible Statement, the organization's phone list.

NOTE: Attention !! All athletes are required at the back of the number to receive, write down their name, blood type, chronic condition eg allergies, asthma, some medication at that time and finally a phone with their relatives.

 Registration includes
Technical conference at the hotel (for those staying in Larissa)
Commemorative diploma for all finishers
Commemorative medal for all finishers
The number one back as a souvenir
Control card
Last 10km start / finish timing
6 water stations
6 Power stations
Provision of medical services
Mechanical Service Support at the Stations (Domokos, Lamia, Gravia)
Escort cars on the route
Police escort
Vacuum cleaner - Tour end
Carrying numbered backpacks of cyclists from start to finish
Buffet, awards ceremony, Greek music night
Technical T-Shirt
Digital Brochure.

Extra - not included
8 € / person Insurance coverage.
45 € / person Cycling Short sleeve cycling jersey -Tour of Daphne.
65 € / person Bib Short- Tour of Daphne.
35 € / person Accommodation + half board + breakfast in hotel for 28/8 in Larissa.
25 € / person Hotel stay in Delphi.
12 € / person Ticket for the Museum in Delphi.
26 € / person The Tempis Return Ticket.
38 € / person The ticket to Thessaloniki
17 € / person The ticket to Athens.

Awards, Prizes
All cyclists finishing in Delphi are honored with a commemorative diploma and medal with the badges of the competition.

The awards will be in front of the Delphi City Hall.

Cyclists can safely park their cars in the village of Tempi on the road on the old highway.

Sunday 30/8 3.15pm: Departures bus from Delphi to Thessaloniki with stop in Larissa. Ticket price for Larissa 26 euros for Thessaloniki 38 euros.

Sunday 4.00pm 6.45: Departure bus from Delphi to Athens. Ticket price for Athens 17euro.

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