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Activities - Land - Climbing

  • The gym has a boulder climbing wall,that can serve different levels of climber skills,from beginners...
    Thessaloniki, Greece
    from X- Climb
  • We organize climbing excursions in various climbing parks all over Greece!
    Athens, Greece
  • At the famous rock of Varibobi
    Acharnes, Greece
  • In the internationally renowned climbing field of Meteora and Rappel
    Krinitsa 421 00, Greece
  • The Sithonia peninsula is famous for its beaches and crystal clear waters. However, there is no better...
    Toroni, Greece
  • Not a walk in the park, but a rich and amazing experience that will reward you ! It's this unsurpassed...
    Vourvourou 630 78
  • The area of Lake Kerkini and the neighboring mountains offer countless mountaineering routes.
    Kerkini, Greece
  • Come to our place and get to know the impressive climbing sport!
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Organized programs for you and your company or tailor made programs for small or larger groups, for climbing,...
    Kalamaria, Greece
  • We organize climbing excursions on the rocks of Olympus.
    Thessaloniki, Greece