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Olympus, High Peaks 20-21 / 9

Οργανωτής: Happy Mountain
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Happy Mountain‎Όλυμπος, Ψηλές Κορφές 20
Happy Mountain
Place: Olympos 402 00, Greece
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  • 20.09.2019 - 21.09.2019
  • 10:00 - 21:00
  • Olympos, Ελλάδα
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  • 70-100€/Participant

Happy Mountain's climbs to the Mountain of Gods continue with the two-day climb to Olympus on 20-21 / 9 ...

Opportunity for a two-day getaway to the Mountain of the Gods, starting Friday morning, returning Saturday evening. That way you'll have one day - Sunday - for a rest before returning to your other business or family responsibilities!

The route and schedule of the 20-21 / 9 day that we will follow is as follows…

First day Friday 20/9…
Departure from Thessaloniki Friday morning at 10: 00-11: 00 (depending on participants' needs) - as early as possible! Arrival at Litochoro and then to Prionia. Small break for backpack preparation and equipment sharing. We will start our hike early in the afternoon (we count around 13: 30-14: 00). Arrival at Sp. Agapitos refuge at 2,100 meters altitude, after about 3-4 hours. Relaxation, eating, sleeping…

Second Saturday Saturday 21/9…
Breakfast awakening and lunch. Departure from the shelter at 07:00 in the morning. Climb to the top of Mytikas or Skala / Skolio (depending on the weather). Access from Belts and Lukas Mytikas or Kakoskala. Return to the shelter at noon and lunch / rest. Continue downhill back to Prionia. Return to Thessaloniki late in the afternoon (20: 00-21: 00).

What to bring with you ...
40-50 liters backpack, mountaineering or comfortable sports shoes, sleeping bag or linen, waterproof / windproof, lens, hat & sunscreen, cap & gloves, cradle, shorts, overalls (long pants), warm (2 pairs), SecondOlympus pair, High Peaks 20-21 / cat shoes, fleece or winter jacket, personal hygiene. All your clothes should be covered in bags in the backpack (in case of rain) !!!

From Happy Mountain you will be provided with top auxiliary equipment (mountaineering helmet, bonnet and other mountaineering equipment).

Cost: € 70 (without transfer) or € 100 (with / from Thessaloniki).

Includes: experienced company escorts, essential equipment, breakfast stay at Sp. Dear, insurance cover, escort / security, VAT 24%

Minimum of 8 people.

Limited entry

NOTE ... Tour leaders have the right to change the tour schedule and routes, depending on the weather and the average fitness of the group. Safety is a top priority for everyone!

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