Paragliding Tandem Flights in Arta

Paragliding Tandem Flights in Arta

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  • ExperienceBeginner
  • LocationArta Greece
  • Duration15-20 mns
  • Opening SeasonJanuary up to December
  • Spoken LanguagesGreek English

Paragliding Tandem Flights in Arta, Greece

Fancy escaping from your everyday life? You have the chance to enjoy the beautiful view basking at the plain of Arta and the Chanopoulos baths. Come with us and discover the hidden beauties of these areas and let yourself go in the experience that will take your adrenaline levels to the limit.
  • Cancelation Policy Flexible
  • Do not forget
    • Sport Shoes
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Warm clothes
  • What is included
    • Necessary equipment
    • Video
    • Professional escorts
Is experience required?
There is no previous experience required. The pilot will undertake guidance from the moment of take-off without further action required from your side.
What should I be wearing?
Closed type of hiking shoes or sport shoes and warm relaxed clothes
How does it take place?
At the take-off site the pilot will help you to wear a helmet and get seated. He will give you a brief tutorial on what you should do during take-off. After that he will fasten you on him and the right moment will lift the wing and ask you to run for a few meters. After that short moment you will be airborne and will enjoy the flight.
Weight limit: 110 kg

The exact meeting time & place will be arranged with your instructor.
Tandem flight does not require previous experience. A brief introduction at the take-off area, some basic steps with the instructor and the flight can take place.
During flying thee is not much you need to do other than sit comfortable and enjoy this unique experience.
During flight time we record your experience in high definition.

Your instuctor:
  • Paragliding  instructor of Hellenic airsports federation
  • Paragliding instructor of  APPI
  • He has started paragliding from 1994
  • Introducer to seminars of Airclubs since 2005
  • Elaboration and publication of technical articles on paragliding at Internet since 2005
  • Participant examinator of pilots concerning the issue of degrees since 2006
  • Host in the paragliding training school since 2013
  • Organiser and a leader of the Hellenic nationwide since 1996
  • Organiser of airathletic festivals since 2001
  • Co-founder member of the airclubs and airathletic unions of:Arta city 1995,Epirus 2001,Ioannina city 2011
  • Host in the TEDx University of Ioannina city in 2016
  • Attending DHV training for Tandem & Instructor 2018
Photos & Videos
Meeting Point
Will be arranged with your guide
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