Wild Camping 4x4 Overland Expedition Greece (Pindus)

Wild Camping 4x4 Overland Expedition Greece (Pindus)

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  • ExperienceBeginner
  • LocationPindus Epirus Greece
  • Duration3 to 15 days
  • Opening SeasonApril up to November
  • Spoken LanguagesGreek English

3 to 15 days Off-Road excursion at the West Macedonia and Pindos, Epirus mountains in Greece

Contact us for availability and options

During these expedition tours we are sleeping on nice natural campsites in total wilderness, often near rivers, streams or lakes, under the stars.
We camp in remote wilderness areas far from any sign of civilization. The dynamic, everchanging landscapes will make this a true offroad adventure, which is guaranteed to fulfil every true overlander’s dream! 

The Pindos mountains, stretching from Albania to Peloponnese, are not called the Greek Alps without a reason. There is a striking resemblance to the well known and overwhelmingly popular western Alps tracks, but with one important difference – unlike the crowded western Alps, these tracks are virtually empty for you to enjoy them without distractions! Meet a diverse landscape that stretches virtually forever, aimed to capture your adventurer’s heart forever, join this nomadic quest you can experience in the heart of Europe!

Although these are wild and remote areas, the risk from wildlife is only theoretical, so you can be relaxed during camping, requiring no extra protection.
Depending on the season, we may spend a few nights in comfortable cozy small mountain hotels, to get a break from possible unstable weather and cold evenings. Our average time of arrival at the campsite will be between 15:30 and 16:00 (to still give us some time to prepare everything for the long evening), and morning departure time will be around 9:00. On the nights when sleeping in hotels we may arrive at the hotel around dusk, as we need no time to set up the camp.

If you are self-driving from western or central Europe, the fastest and easiest way to reach Greece is by taking a ferry to Igoumenitsa from Ancona or some other Italian port on the Adriatic. You can also fly to Athens or Thessaloniki and rent an Isuzu D-MAX Double Cab 4×4 Off-Road high-end special roof-tent and camping equipment vehicle.
  • Do not forget
    • Waterproof
    • Sunblock
    • Sport Shoes
    • Sunglasses, hat
    • Fleece
    • Season-appropriate clothing and change of clothes
    • Warm clothes
    • Driving license
  • What is included
    • 4Χ4 cars
    • Rooftent
    • Experienced guide
    • Camping equipment vehicle
  • What is not included
    • Everything is not written
    • Food or drinks
    • Any Private Expenses
    • Οvernight stay in a hotel
You can choose how many days you want to explore.
Minimum is 3 days and maximum is 15 days.
Program is flexible. We make the trip, according the places you want to visit.
  • Exploration trip
  • Max 10-12 Vehicles
  • Duration:3-15 days
Camping Equipment
  • Alu-Cab roof tent
  • Alu-Cab integrated awning
  • Fridge & freezer
  • Camping table & chairs
  • Outdoor shower
  • Sink with tap
  • Dual gas stove
  • Dinnerware & cooking sets
  • full fresh water tank
  • Power outlet 220V for mobile, laptop
  • On nice natural campsites above our vehicles in a roof tent. They are suitable for 2 persons and one kid. If you want to book only one car per 4 persons, we can provide a tent, so two of them can sleep in a tend on the ground. (Please contact for the extra tent).
  • In comfortable cozy small mountain hotels
    *We can combine those 2 options or just sleep in our roof tent.

  • We can stop to supermarket for food and beverages, so you can preper your own meal.
  • Eating in a tavern or in a restaurant.
  • Order food and eat it in our campsite.
    *We can combine those 3 options according where we are and what you want.

Our cars: 
4x4 Isuzu d-max double cab expedition with rooftent & camping
♦ 1.9 lt
♦ 164 HP
♦ 6-speed Auto
♦ Hill Start Assist
♦ Hill Descent Control
♦ Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA)
♦ Air-condition
♦ Automatic Climate Control
♦ Pioneer Multimedia/Navi
♦ 1st Registration: 2020

Meeting points: Usually we start from Athens, but if you arrive in Thessaloniki or in another place, please contact to set the meeting point.

Estimated budget:
380€ per vehicle per day

**We recommend to contact with us before booking, in order to arrange the whole program according to your interests and the number of your staying.
***this trip is friendly for deaf people as well
Greece is the best country in Europe when it comes to overland travel. Pindus and west Makedonia is the last oasis of unrestricted 4×4 offroad travel in Europe. It’s wild and beautiful mountainous terrain harbours some of the most picturesque and dynamic offroad trails, they reach more than 2500 m of altitude on alpin meadows, descend into the deepest canyons, cross mighty rivers, breathtakingly beautiful lakes, exciting riverbeds to drive on, and pass through muddy mazes of virgin forests in a way that represents a true adventure you’d normally have to search for in the distant corners of the world.

We offer real travel experiences in Greece
You will join us as traveling companions and not as a tourist group and together we will explore and discover the wonders of Greece of present and past which you cannot find in any tourist guides.
Photos & Videos
Meeting Point
Will be arranged with your guide
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